Why is Winter the best time for a facial peel?

Peels are formulated to remove a significant amount of dead cells from the top layers of your skin (more than your usual exfoliation is capable of), consequently your skin is much more vulnerable and sensitive to external aggressors such as UV rays.  In winter UV rays are slightly easier to avoid than in other seasons of the year.

Winter is also a season whereby our skin suffers from significant dehydration. Dehydration causes flakiness which can be remedied by a good exfoliation or peel to help regenerate the skin.

At Masque we offer gentle but effective peels.  In other words, no need to be home bound after these treatments.  We choose enzymatic peels using AHAs, not only because of their ability to melt and dissolve the intercellular glue that holds our dead skin cells together, but because of their properties to hydrate, boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.

AHA acids are derived from natural substances such as fruit, nuts, rice or sugar cane.  They are water soluble and can penetrate the skin to a level that allows for the restructuring and synthesis of collagen and elastin in gentle and soft manner.

Peels are on special now… book in for yours today.