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  • How are serums and moisturisers different?

    If you have ever been recommended a serum and moisturiser in your skincare routine, we are confident you have questioned why the need for both? Don’t moisturisers and serums do the same thing?

    There is actually a lot of difference between a moisturiser and a serum.

    Learn more about each and what’s best in this latest blog.

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  • Skin Care Challenge #1: Cleansing

    Did you know, regularly going to bed without cleansing can age your skin 7 times faster? That alone is a pretty good reason to take a few minutes to cleanse before going to bed… your pillowcase will thank you too! Here are a few more compelling reasons to take on our first skin care challenge of cleansing every night.

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  • The French Way of Caring For Your Skin

    The French are a nation of exceptional complexion (men and women) and as a result have been a constant source of skinspo for the rest of the world.

    Here at Masque Day Spa, we value the French way of caring for your skin.

    In France, a monthly visit to the salon for a facial is part of life.  Home care is about properly cleansing on a daily basis, using an eye cream and a moisturiser that suits your skin. Not that complicated, right?

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