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  • Beat the Winter Skin Blues

    Winter = significant skin dehydration! Without realising, the cold deters us from drinking the ‘normal’ level of water which when we add the elements of winter definitely puts us in deficit.  In winter, we wear extra layers of clothes to keep warm, we crank the heater up in the car, at home, at ... View Post
  • Skin Care Challenge #1: Cleansing

    Did you know, regularly going to bed without cleansing can age your skin 7 times faster? That alone is a pretty good reason to take a few minutes to cleanse before going to bed… your pillowcase will thank you too! Here are a few more compelling reasons to take on our first skin care challenge of cleansing every night.

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  • The French Way of Caring For Your Skin

    The French are a nation of exceptional complexion (men and women) and as a result have been a constant source of skinspo for the rest of the world.

    Here at Masque Day Spa, we value the French way of caring for your skin.

    In France, a monthly visit to the salon for a facial is part of life.  Home care is about properly cleansing on a daily basis, using an eye cream and a moisturiser that suits your skin. Not that complicated, right?

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