Beat the Winter Skin Blues

Winter = significant skin dehydration!

Without realising, the cold deters us from drinking the ‘normal’ level of water which when we add the elements of winter definitely puts us in deficit.  In winter, we wear extra layers of clothes to keep warm, we crank the heater up in the car, at home, at work… even in bed (electric blankies - turn it on just before getting into bed...yes please!).... but all of these warming elements promote dehydration for your skin.  Not to mention the effect getting a cold does for the skin. The dry, tight and even flaky skin is just not nice and we can confidently thank winter for it.

What can we do to minimise winter dehydration?

  • This is a tough one….. no long hot showers. We did warn you it would be a tough one but this is one of the fastest way to dehydrate.  It can also cause diffused redness if your skin is already sensitised from the winter harshness.
  • Exfoliate! At least once a week, if not twice a week at home.  Otherwise come in to Masque for a peel… the Dermal Peel treatment is perfect for winter as it uses acid which not only deeply exfoliates but hydrates the skin.
  • Add a hydrating serum to your home care routine.  Serums penetrate deeper into the skin so pick up a hydrating one with ingredients such as hylauronic acid to use under your moisturiser.  Mary Cohr Serum Hydrosmose or Payot Elixir D’Eau are our favourites.
  • Drink more water… change it up with a hot water instead with slice of lemon for flavour, this will also keep the hands warm while adding to your water intake.